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Prayer Services-Tefillot

Daily Minyan

We welcome everyone to our religious services.

Daily Services 
(held in our Beit Midrash)

Morning Minyan 
Monday – Friday mornings - 7:00 AM
(9:00 AM on Sundays and holidays)

Evening Minyan (Maariv)
Evening services are generally held Sunday – Thursday evenings - 7:30 PM. For information about specific dates, please check with the office since the scheduled time for Maariv may change to accommodate special programming.

Parsha Monday
On Mondays, after the evening minyan, listen to a thoughtful five-minute teaching about the Torah reading for the coming weekend. presented by one of CSAIR's scholars.

Kabbalat Shabbat

Shabbat Dinner Dates

Friday Evening
At our Kabbalat Shabbat service on Friday evening, we welcome Shabbat with prayer and song. For Shabbat Services & Candle Lighting Times click here to return the home page.

We also have a vibrant Havurah that generally meets for Shabbat morning services twice per month, starting at 9:15 AM. Havurah services are lay-led and volunteer-run, forming another outlet for our community to come together to daven (pray) and learn.

Backyard Davenning
Several times during the summer we meet for cool drinks and light snacks in CSAIR's backyard. Then we welcome Shabbat with songs, spirited davening, and stories for children and adults.

Friday Night Ruach Shabbat Dinners
During our Friday night Ruach Shabbat Dinners, we celebrate Shabbat together, meet other CSAIR members and learn ways to enrich our home rituals. Ruach Shabbat Dinners are scheduled once per month and are often led by one or two Hebrew School classes. Each dinner features parallel activities – adults will study with our clergy while children participate in creative learning and games with our Educational Director. Ruach Shabbat Dinners are open to all CSAIR families – regardless of where 


Main Sanctuary Services

Shabbat Morning Service (Shaharit/Musaf)
Our Shabbat morning services are held in our Main Sanctuary, starting at 9:00 AM. The service includes the entire Torah portion reading for the week, traditional prayer, a weekly Torah commentary, the commemoration and celebration of lifecycle events, and a sermon. We encourage congregational participation in all aspects of our Shabbat services. Kiddush follows Shabbat and Festival services. For specific Shabbat dates, please see Shabbat Announcments.

We also have a vibrant Havurah that meets for Shabbat morning services twice per month. Havurah services are lay-led and volunteer-run, forming another outlet for our community to come together to daven (pray) and learn.

Shabbat Afternoon Service (Minha/Maariv/Havdalah)
Shabbat afternoon services start at the same time as candlelighting the previous day.

Shaharit – 9:00 am
Call the office for the schedule.


The CSAIR Havurah is an ongoing, self-directed prayer group which meets twice each month to worship and study together. Participants are welcomed to lead prayers, to read Torah and Haftorah, and deliver remarks or d'vrai torah. The discussions often focus on issues raised by the weekly Torah reading, contemporary topics, and other thoughts of Havurah members.

The Havurah offers a comfortable, non-intimidating setting for developing synagogue skills in a supportive environment.

About once a month, Havurah members join for communal meals at either the synagogue or a pot-luck vegetarian Shabbat lunch at a member's home. They also hold a Sukkot meal and a lunch on the 7th day of Passover.

In strengthening their relationship with the synagogue, the Havurah sponsors several synagogue-wide events during the year, including the annual Tu B'Shevat Seder, refreshments after the Purim megillah reading, and the all-night study session on Shavuot (with plenty of cheesecake).

Contact us: 
If you would like to be added to the Havurah email list for a list of service dates and other events, please contact our Havurah Coordinators at

Lechu Neranena

Shabbat Dinner Dates

The Friday night experience can be very powerful with a lot of people singing together. Check out these Lechu Neranena - Let's Sing! Tunes, recorded by Rabbinic Intern Adam Baldachin and come ready to sing along. See you at shul!

Zamru Lashem

Yedid Nefesh


Psalm 96 Shiru Lashem

Mizmor LeDavid

Lechu Nerana-Nusach

Lecha Dodi

Thu, August 22 2019 21 Av 5779